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Watch making concept of 1 Heart Group

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Update time : 2022-03-03 10:11:13

"Big" refers to the large scale. 1 Heart Group has seven centers with a total area of 31000 square meters, including parts production and management, R & D and design, function test and quality inspection, watch  manufacturing and product exhibition centers; "Big" also refers to the huge R & D and design team of 1 Heart Group and its "grand" and "high-end" design style. The R & D and design teams of 1 Heart Group are all senior elites in the industry. They are good at collecting global brands, excavating the popular elements and exquisite craftsmanship of benchmarking brands. According to big data, they can efficiently develop new products, and carry out professional brand image design, covering brand logo, VI, packaging materials, Si space, product shooting, product album, etc; According to the brand positioning and target market planning product categories, including but not limited to new products, popular models, regular models, crowd, elements, process.
"Professional" means "professional" and "dedicated". 1 Heart Group focuses on ODM&OEM of high quality and high value steel watch. It is favored by watch brands at home and abroad because of its professional focus and excellence. 1 Heart Group is equipped with accessories production center and finished watch manufacturing center that meet the international standard of famous watches, which can be matched from mold, case, strap to watch assembly; Equipped with function test center, quality management center, equipped with international standard watch manufacturing system, sophisticated testing equipment; At the same time, it has the quality control system of "36 quality control processes + 258 testing items" which is rare in the industry and international famous watch Standard + 1 Heart Group self research standard.

Function test center
1 Heart Group relies on its own production advantages, advanced manufacturing technology and exquisite workmanship to achieve the ultimate pursuit of "high quality + high value + fast supply", and combines its own logistics and global resource advantages to provide customers with a supply chain service platform of borderless production.
1 Heart Group, which is in strict accordance with international famous watch standards in terms of parts production management, R & D design, function test, quality detection and watch manufacturing, has helped more than 60% of brands achieve sustained double-digit growth, Help a number of core brands to successfully seize the leading brand of regional watch industry in a short period of time, stabilize the leading position, and win the favor of the market.